Social Media

Social Media is evolving and starting to take over as a powerful form of advertising. Today companies are leveraging social media more than traditional advertising channels to advertise their products and services.

Social Media Selection »

While Facebook is the primary social website for many companies these days, the fact is that there is no shortage of social media platforms to pick from when trying to improve a company’s conversion rates and traffic.


Customising Your Brand & Campaign »

Your brand is constructed from the sum total of user’s perceptions about your site, the links to your site, what others say about your site. A strong online brand can make all the difference in your industry.


Networking Tools »

Social networking sites provide unprecedented opportunities to get the word out about yourself and your business. Unfortunately, many people don’t have a clue how to use these tools effectively.


Forums/Blogs »

Golden Dream can add a new dimension to your website and increase your websites “stickiness” by adding community based features like Forums and Blogs to let your user base interact.


Monitoring & Reporting »

By listening on Social Media you will learn a lot. That’s the principal behind social media monitoring, the process of filtering out the millions of posts, tweets and status updates for the ones that matter to your business.


Social Media Set Up »

There are currently 901 million Facebook users active today and 140 million users on Twitter. Having a social media presence is vital to any business. Having the ability to interact and connect with potential customers is easier now more than ever.