Financial Management

Financial Management is Decision NOT A CHOICE

1. General Ledger System:

1.1. Multi accounting periods with automatically year closing procedures

1.2. Monthly transactions closing with the ability of re-opening upon request

1.3. Ability to define regular accounts which the system need to make all automatic JV’s

1.4. Use cost centers to record all revenues and expenses

1.5. Control accounts can be set for the auto-transactions entries

1.6. Dynamic vouchers serialization approaches

1.7. Full bank account management (Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, and Bank Transfer receipts)

1.8. Several types of transactions are supported (JVs, Cash & Bank Payments, Receipts, Deposit, Transfer…etc with the ability to build your own type)

1.9. Beginning balances entry

1.10. Automatic JVs through all type of transactions with automatic description.

1.11. The Budget and target can be built monthly and yearly per branch

1.12. Budget and appropriations management

1.13. Income statement and trial balance

2. Cheque Cycle System: Cheque cycle module is the best solution to trace and manage all incoming and outgoing cheques, with automatic effect on the GL. And here some of this module features:

2.1. Beginning balances of Cheques

2.2. Handling Cheques In Collection

2.3. Handling Returned Cheques

2.4. Control all types of cheque status with automatic JVs

2.5. Cheque tracing ability to find the history of all cheques status report

3. Procurement Management System Procurement Management module is the best solution to control purchasing department and all procurement procedures, also controlling all foreign purchases.

3.1. Integrated with GL and Inventory and Assets Modules

3.2. Supports cash and credit purchasing

3.3. RFQ management

3.4. PO management

3.5. Supports purchasing discounts

3.6. Supports serial numbers

3.7. Supports purchasing returns

4. Inventory Management System: Inventory Management module aims to provide the suitable solutions to manage the inventory and control the available quantities and perform all the needed input and output transactions to initiate instant stocktaking reports, and the module has the following features:

4.1. Supports project costing:

4.2. Supports maintenance and warranty control for sold items

4.3. Supports all importing transactions and their costs

4.4. Supports all companies with inventories in the duty free zone

4.5. Supports the differences between the selling units and measuring units

4.6. Works with PDA & Hand held

4.7. Alert for on hand quantities and limiting re-ordering

4.8. Supports barcode and its substitute for each item

4.9. Supports a direct and indirect costing

5. Sales Management System: Sales module is the best solution to control all kinds of sales ( Cash, Credit ) with a very friendly and easy to use interface, and here are some of its features;

5.1. Automatic issue of sales vouchers with their costs on each sales transaction

5.2. Supports sales discount per item or invoice by a percentage or value

5.3. Supports all sales types ( cash , credit )

5.4. Supports sales return on invoice

5.5. Prepares quotations and sales orders

5.6. Manages the sales representatives' commissions

5.7. Shows the on hand quantity on each sales transaction with the ability of selling negative quantities

5.8. The ability of using serial numbers for each sales transaction

6. Fixed Assets Management System:

6.1. Assets locating, tracking, & relocating

6.2. Assets running & disposal

6.3. Assets calculating of depreciation & GL recoding

6.4. Assets custody management

6.5. Assets additions management

6.6. Stock-item to asset transformation

6.7. Full-integration with other ERP sub systems