E-School System

because you are a partner, not just a customer, you can access our e-School Services anytime . . . anywhere

1. Website Management

1.1. Control all your website contents

1.2. Control all your website visitors’ records, comments

1.3. Control your website photo & video gallery

1.4. Control communication between all website users

1.5. Control SMS system through your website

2. Online Recruitment System

2.1. Create online account for each user to build their resume

2.2. Control all job applications and the ability to filter all available choices

3. Advisor Online System

3.1. Following-up student behaviors

3.2. Following-up student infractions

3.3. Following-up student absences & leaves

4. Teacher Online System

4.1. View student activities

4.2. View students’ certificate and report card

4.3. Evaluating students’ progress along other students

4.4. View teacher‘s comments & notes

4.5. View students’ absence report

4.6. View students‘ medical report

4.7. View students’ misbehavior report

4.8. Prepared lessons system

4.9. Homework assessment management

4.10. FAQ & suggestions for public website guests

4.11. Teacher Activity report


5. Student Online System

5.1. View all report cards and mark sheets

5.2. Providing semester certificates reports

5.3. Providing annual certificates reports

5.4. Evaluating student’s progress among other students

5.5. Viewing teachers comments and notes

5.6. View student’s medical report

5.7. View student’s misbehavior

5.8. View homework assessment

5.9. View prepared lessons

5.10. View Student’s portfolio


6. Parent Online System

6.1. View parent’s statement of account

6.2. View student’s statement of account

6.3. View student’s semester, annual & monthly certificates

6.4. Evaluating student’s progress among other students

6.5. Following-up teacher notes & comments

6.6. Following-up student‘s absences & leaves

6.7. Student’s medical report

6.8. Student‘s misbehavior report

6.9. Students’ activities report

6.10. Newsletter management system

7. Electronic Supervisor System This system has been developed to follow up on teachers and students activities on the academic level to ensure integration quality between the users of the Teacher and Student systems.

7.1. Academic Affairs: through this service the supervisor can follow up on the planned lessons, resources, homework, communication, and all other activities that are sent from teachers to students, and approve or reject any of them.

7.2. Personnel Affairs: this includes the services provided to employees such as the salary slip, attendance report, leaves report, in addition to the processed attendance.

7.3. Mailing system: the Electronic Supervisor can communicate with all students, parents, and teachers in the system to keep in touch with them.

8. Employee System This is considered the electronic portal system service that enables the employee to take advantages of the following benefits and services:

8.1. Attendance Report

8.2. Vacations and Departures Report

8.3. Employee Salary Slip

8.4. Processed Late, Vacations and Departures